Our Impact

material used to create all bra sizes

Our fabrics are sourced from North American suppliers, primarily from a Vancouver supplier, and our signature merlot color is achieved through sublimation printing which saves water by not requiring washing and steaming as in traditional dyeing. The dyes used in sublimation printing are safe for human consumption and do not pose a risk to workers. Our printing process only produces waste in the form of sublimation paper, which is recycled.

The majority of fabric is recycled polyester. Rather than relying on petroleum to produce conventional polyester, we use Recycled Polyester (rPet) made from post-consumer plastic waste, including plastic bottles diverted from landfills. This reduces water and energy consumption while emitting fewer greenhouse gases. Our garments made from rPet can be continuously recycled with no loss in quality, making polyester garment manufacturing a potential closed-loop system. rPet is now comparable in quality to conventional polyester while being more environmentally friendly.

hook and eye used to create perfect bra size

We also don’t have inventory waste that many companies struggle with. We never have to worry about making too many items, as we make each item on demand. On the rare occasion when a bra is returned, we salvage the materials.

The bra hardware does come from overseas while we continue to look for a local supplier. But, since they are very light, the shipping impact is minimal compared to the final product, which we ship locally.