You deserve a bra that actually fits you.

Bras made exactly for you

No fit quiz, measuring tapes, or in-store visits needed. Smartphone fitted through our app.

"I have owned many bras over my lifetime, but none has ever fit me this well or been this comfortable!"


— Helen

Custom Fit

made exactly to your measurements


measure yourself in 5 minutes from home


No underwire or molded foam cups

Get smartphone fitted

No pictures or videos are taken, we just scan you (fully clothed) so that we can have a 3D rendering to tailor your bra to

I love my new bra

This bra is so soft and comfortable and I love wearing it. The proportions are perfect (thanks to the technology), the straps are comfortable and the band feels good without feeling tight or digging in.

— Milena

Highly Recommend!

My custom fit DOUBL bra arrived in the mail yesterday. I wore it all day today and I am thrilled. I was intimidated by the tech involved... but I was walked through the process with ease, and the results speak for themselves!

— Zabrina


DOUBL was founded and designed in Canada.


We use recycled material, saving on average one plastic bottle from the landfill per bra.

Women Owned

We are 100% women owned and operated. We are by women for women.

Founders Bryn Davis Williams and Jessica Bosman

Meet the founders, Bryn & Jess

Best friends for a decade and counting, Bryn and Jess dreamed of a sizeless world free of judgement and labels.

It got under their skin that the major bra brands were all started and operated by men. No wonder bras haven't changed much in 100 years!

With Bryn's background in brand management and Jess's fashion buying expertise they got to work building a bra that will actually fit - and feel good too!


You asked, we answered