About Us

We don't believe in definitions.

Woman with large bust wearing DOUBL bra conquering her day in the office

Make YOURSELF Comfortable

You weren't made to be defined.

For too long we've had to fit ourselves into arbitrary letters and numbers that were never quite good enough.

The future is here, and it's sizeless.

Founders Jessica Bosman and Bryn Davis Williams posing with bras on table and on mannequin

We're so glad you're here

DOUBL began from a dream of wanting the next generation of women and those who identify as women to feel confident and in love with their bodies. For too long women have had to contort themselves to fit into pre-determined sizes and letters, making them feel as though there is something wrong with their bodies. Best friends, Jess and Bryn, desired to solve this long-standing issue and as a result launched, DOUBL. The first to market made-to-measure bra offered online.