no sizes

no wires

no foam

no fit quiz

no in-person visit

no measuring tapes

no spilling

no gaping

no slipping

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Introducing the first custom bra that you can order and fit from anywhere. Only guaranteed production run of 2024 will close on June 9th.

 You Deserve Better

Made to you

Each bra is uniquely made to your size and shape, no more spilling, gaping, or slipping straps

12+ hours of comfort

Wireless and foam-free means you might actually forget you're wearing it

The perfect fit in minutes

Fitted through a smartphone app in the comfort of your home

Two levels of support

Our "More Support" bra has wider straps and reinforced cups.
  • Breathable Material

    Antibacterial, odour resisting, moisture wicking, breathable, fast-drying and anti-static.
  • Planet Friendly

    On average one plastic bottle diverted from the waste stream per bra.
  • Fitted in Minutes

    Our smartphone app walks you through a simple scan generates a 3D avatar of you, no photos or videos are taken or stored.

Heard Enough?

Heard Enough?

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Brought to you by two Canadians

Best friends turned business partners, we each bring a different skill set to the table. Bryn brings the marketing and branding experience and Jess brings the fashion and product experience. They are both based in Canada. 
Hear from some of our beta testers:
“I have owned many bras over my lifetime, but none has ever fit me this well or been this comfortable! There are no gaping or slipping parts to it, and the snug fit is supportive without being constricting. The scan was easy to do and obviously effective given the perfect fit of my bra. ”


Unbelievable comfort & fit

“Just got my DOUBL bra and I'm already obsessed! The fit is immaculate and hugs my body so well - not too tight and not too loose. The bra is also stunning it has some beautiful design features on the inside of the cups. I can easily see this replacing my everyday bra. Love it!”


The Perfect Fit

“It is so comfortable, no wires, absolutely no restrictions! Yesterday I wore this beautiful bra for 12 hours! I forgot I had it on. I have never worn a bra that I forgot I had on before! I would totally recommend this bra to others. It is wonderfully made, beautiful colour and the comfort is amazing!”


Amazing bra!!

As seen in

As seen in

Note: Your credit card won't be charged until the campaign closes on June 9th 2024

Brands Built on Kickstarter

Brands Built on Kickstarter

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